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Nothing will make people mistake you for a Jedi Master at a Star Wars Convention than donning on a pair of Star Wars wireless headphones around your head!

There’s no better way to complete your collection of Star Wars memorabilia by owning a pair of Star Wars Headphones! From styles ranging between the Rebel Alliance to the Evil Galactic Empire and upward to Darth Vader, we have the perfect set for you. If you are a true Star Wars fan looking to further differentiate yourself from the Padawans you hang out with and represent yourself as the Jedi you really are then don’t delay and come grab any set from our selection!

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SMS Audio STREET by 50 First Edition Star Wars On Ear Headphones Rebel Alliance3.9 / 5More details!
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Funko Rebel Alliance Fold-Up Headphones4.2 / 5More details!
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SMS Audio STREET by 50 First Edition Star Wars On Ear Headphones Boba Fett3.9 / 5More details!
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SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent Wired On-Ear Headphones - Black4.7 / 5More details!
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SMS Audio STREET by 50 First Edition Star Wars On Ear Headphones Galactic Empire3.9 / 5More details!
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SMS Audio STREET by 50 First Edition Star Wars On Ear Headphones Stormtrooper3.9 / 5More details!
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Stylized Funko Darth Vader DJ Headphones - Fully adjustable for all your music-listening needs5 / 5More details!
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All listed headphones are full-sized and Circumaural, covering the entire ear of the listener. Additionally, all these headphones are ‘closed’, meaning they allow for a narrower sound delivery that is similarly experienced when out at a night club. Closed wireless headphones also keep the audio exclusive to the listener; making for a more private option for listening.

Each headphone set is made up with ear pads constructed from high-density foam which helps to absorb the sound exerted from the headphone’s speakers. A plastic band connects the ear pads together and rubber material is used to complement the ear pad design to provide housing for the speakers.

Headphones and YOU

While every pair of the best headphones is proven to elicit audible ecstasy, many variables are thrown into the mix when purchasing the most suitable pair for your needs. To simplify these variables, they are broken down into 3 categories: location, budget and music type.

How often are you likely to be listening to music while you’re out? Do you get around much, and if so, where? Any pair designed to emit a loud noise outward likely to annoy everyone on the bus with your dub step may not be the appropriate choice if you commute by public transport at peak hours every day.

Money is an essential factor since life seems overly-expensive nowadays; therefore, if you’ve got a budget of $20-30, you can’t expect to make purchase of any headphone set used by rich recording artists that swim in millions of revenue from CD and iTunes sales. Just like you can’t live in a high-income area on a low income budget, so too can you wear the latest and best headphones if you find yourself looking at your weekly payslip and cringing more than you would watching an unwanted change in the digitally enhanced version of the original Star Wars Trilogy.

Finally, do you prefer classical or easy listening music styles? Or, are you more of a head banger that needs the volume of life turned up to its max in order to escape the everyday stresses?

I only ask because wireless headphones can be designed specifically for different types of genres; so, anything bought intended for soft piano will likely produce an irritable crackling sound sure to let the listener know something is broken and death metal played at 80dB is not a wise choice.

SMS Audio STREET by 50 First Edition Star Wars Rebel Alliance Headphones

Best Wireless Headphones 2014, star wars headphones

Durable and comfortable, STREET by 50 headphone sets includes 40mm drivers used to supply any Rebel Pilot with superior sound quality and minimal distortion. The comfort is provided by the ear pad’s leather memory foam and has been designed for an oval-fit, with durability attained through the easily folding headband hinges to make for a simple ‘pack-up and put-away’ procedure. The ability to listen in on vital communiqués from Rebel Base is achieved by the elimination of outside noise distractions thanks to quiescent passive noise cancellation technology (PNC).

Measuring in at 3 x 6.5 x 7.2 inches, this headphone set is coated in a glossed orange and grey paint job that can be easily maintained with an included microfiber cleaning cloth and protection by a matching colored hard shell carry case. All boxes of Star Wars STREET by 50 headphones also contain one sheet of stickers depicting some of your favorite Star Wars characters, as well as one poster; and most importantly, a certificate of authenticity for added discretion that your purchase has not brought you one step closer to the dark side!

Furthermore, STREET by 50 headphones give a ‘half-on/half-off ear feel’ and are extremely comfortable with the pillow-like sense felt by the wonderfully designed ear pads. Premium sound quality comes through the included 3.5mm removable cable also fitted with a microphone and remote employing a single button style to allow for an easy ability to pause and resume all your favourite songs from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ soundtrack.

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Funko Rebel Alliance Fold-Up Headphones

Best Buy Wireless Headphoneswireless headphonesUtilizing a compact and lightweight design, Funko Rebel Alliance headphones were made with a fold-up design for the purpose of letting its owners safely travel with them; excluding the fear of hearing that ‘snap’ in your backpack brought on by negligence to remember its contents.

Weighing in at just over 0.2kg, this fantastically crafted Funko product is complemented with the standard 3.5mm audio jack easily used with most devices from Mp3s, iPods, gaming consoles and Millennium Falcons! 40mm stereo speakers will guarantee the sound quality essential for anyone in the galaxy to enjoy the sounds of Tatooine Cantina Bands.

The Funko Rebel Alliance Headphones will easily distinguish you apart from the Empire, for the Rebel Alliance insignia is clearly displayed on the outer part of the ear cuffs. Located along the top outside portion of the band is the official Star Wars lettering which becomes more visible once the listener takes the set off their ears and allowing the band to rest well on the back of their neck. The ear cuffs work on a swivel system and are extremely flexible; able to rotate a full 360 degrees, giving the listener encouragement to lay the cuffs flat face down against their chest when not in use for maximum comfort.

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SMS Audio STREET by 50 First Edition Boba Fett Star Wars Headphones

boba fett star wars headphones. wireless headphoneswireless headphonesBoba Fett is arguably one of the most iconic Star Wars characters, recognisable to any true Star Wars fan; so, what better way to pay homage to the fearless bounty hunter by grabbing a pair of his signature gear!

Implementing all the same features and accessories as the STREET by 50 Rebel Alliance Headphones, the Boba Fett STREET by 50 Headphones include a matte green headband in a rust-coloured glossy finish. The inner ear caps are comprised of cushioning consisting of ivory leather memory-foam and a Mandalorian insignia is attractively displayed on the outer surface of the ear cuffs in attempts to display your true allegiance in the war for the galaxy!

Quiescent passive noise cancellation (PNC) nullifies all audio distractions which may impede your duties as a bounty hunter trying to make a living in a war-torn galaxy. When time comes to remove your headset and store it away for use on your next mission, the hinges supporting the ear cuffs may be easily folded to allow for optimal storage and neutralised chance of breakage. Patented oval-fitted memory foam keeps the small delicate bones of your ear in comfort for light years while you travel through the galaxy. Finally, superb audio quality is generated in part from 40MM drivers tuned professionally for optimal effect.

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SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent Headphones – Black

noise cancelling headphones, best over ear headphones, wireless headphonesFor a style of headphone coated in a finish as black as the fabric on Darth Vader’s cape, it is advised by any Imperial idealist to perform all their duties while serving under the emperor with a pair of these beauties!

The headphone’s foldable design adds to its excellent functionality as a device capable of emitting powerful Star Wars tunes through its 40mm audio drivers. A football-shaped carry case is provided allowing you to preserve its condition for many battles to come and the addition of a removable audio jack along with an in-line microphone and remote make for an overall well-balanced sound. Additionally, this microphone and remote can be used for answering phone calls once plugged into any smartphone aside from giving you full control over the pausing and playing of your favourite tunes.

User guides are supplied for the perusal of the owner to ensure they get only the very best out of their new purchase together, with a microfiber cleaning cloth making it easier to keep that glorious shine along the surface of the headphone’s black plastic material. Gold-plated 3.5mm connectors sitting on the ends of 56 inches of cord give the option of listening to their stereo systems from light years away!

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SMS Audio STREET by 50 First Edition Star Wars Galactic Empire Headphones

best wireless headphones, best headphones, noise cancelling headphoneswireless headphones50 Cent has outdone himself again by allowing for the release of his best headphones in a Star Wars theme; pleasing millions of Star Wars fans worldwide allowing for the collection of another piece of Star Wars collectibles.

Although identical to all other version of the Audio STREET Headphones, these are the recommended choice for any aspiring fighter pilot eager to serve the emperor and fight for the galactic empire. On the headphone’s plastic covered outer surface, the red-colored imperial insignia is placed in the center of the black-coated ear cuffs; clearly depicting your allegiance to the empire.

Each 40mm sound driver pumps orders from Death Star Command during the fight against the rebels. The headphone’s leather memory foam helps cushion the ear during those long and arduous battles for galactic supremacy. Headband hinges give imperial fighters the advantage of folding away their headphone set into their hard shelled carry case for later use while quiescent passive noise cancellation keeps your focus on the music allowing you to tune out the outside world.

Decorate your room with an included 12” x 18” wall poster of Darth Vader after you place the also included stickers over your school folders or other devices. A certificate of authenticity will give you piece of mind that these headphones are the real deal and an owner’s manual will outline in extensive detail the best practice for maximizing the use of your headset.

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SMS Audio STREET by 50 First Edition Star Wars Stormtrooper Headphones

best bluetooth headphones, star wars headphones, best over ear headphoneswireless headphonesFlying a Tie Fighter or manning a position on the bridge of a Star Destroyer doesn’t feel like a fit for you? Are you looking for a more ‘hands on’ way to serve Lord Vader? What better way to join the empire than fighting as a stormtrooper heading into battle wearing a pair of 50 Cent’s Audio STREET Headphones!

It’s no secret to Star Wars fans that stormtroopers have trouble hitting anything with a blaster; therefore to combat this frustration, 50 Cent has released a headphone with quiescent passive noise cancellation in hopes of allowing any struggling stormtrooper to drown out outside noise distractions present to make for a better shot. To further achieve this, 40mm drivers are built in to emit peaceful sounds of a rainfall on Endor to better steady their aim.

Stormtroopers may now remove their helmets and receive orders from Vader directly through their STREETs cushioned gently around their ears in an oval-fit of leather memory foam. Finally, when time comes to fall in and return to the Death Star, headphones can be easily folded inward before they get sealed away in the STREET’s hard shelled carry case.

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Stylized Funko Darth Vader DJ Headphones – Fully adjustable for all your music-listening needs

best over ear headphones, best buy headphones, over the ear head phoneswireless headphones

Lord Vader doesn’t have much down-time to spend spinning hard vinyl; however when he does, it’s in style wearing a magnificent pair of Stylized Funko Darth Vader DJ Headphones! Any intergalactic dictator would enjoy the audible pleasure the Funko DJ Headphones offers to illicit for its user.

Working with a fold-up design, the best headphones by Funko hold a sensitivity of 105dB and maintain a frequency response range between 20 Hz and 18 kHz. Maximum power input for these babies reaches up to 20mW with an impedance of 32 Ohms. Like most headsets today, the Stylized Funko Headphones use a 3.5mm jack compatible with most audio outlets.

The headband is wrapped in a thick leather material ensuring the listener’s head remains both secure and free from ridged edges sticking into their cranium. The outer ear cuffs include a 3D picture of Vader himself; blending in beautifully into the outer design of the headphone. Iconic Star Wars lettering is written along the headband’s outer surface to advise all onlookers who a REAL Star Wars fan is; and finally rounding out the device, the awesome 40mm driver on these headphones makes playing ‘Knights Of The Old Republic’ a truly immersive and captivating experience you wish never ends!

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