Womens Star Wars T-Shirts

The Perfect Star Wars T-Shirt for Any Woman

Princess Leia Organa of the planet Alderaan was always a favorite  for any girl growing up in the Star Wars era; and now 30 years later, you can still pay tribute to one of the greatest heroines of the 20th century by owning one beautifully illustrated Star Wars t-shirt with an image of  Princess Leia herself!princess leia t-shirt, princess leia star wars t-shirt

star wars t-shirt
These professionally printed Rebel retro Star Wars t shirts are a light grey colour with a perfectly designed white and tangerine image of Leia sporting her trademark ‘buns’ while holding a blaster in the shirt’s centre. The word ‘Rebel’ is placed right above her head and written in a light faded orange large bolded lettering style. Rebel insignias are situated on the bottom left and right corners of the center picture and sitting between them is the title ‘Princess Leia’ written in the same colored font to match that of her brown hair.

If you are also a fan of the TV show ‘Supernatural’, you may have noticed this Rebel t-shirt being worn once by actress Felicia Day while playing the recurring character ‘Charlie’.

For women looking for any piece of classic Star Wars clothing that’s not too revealing in sending the wrong message, you can’t go wrong with this expertly crafted Star Wars t-shirt since several owners have gone on record to state that it covers everything, leaving you stress free when going out and about in your awesome threads.

Any classic Star Wars t shirts bearing Leia’s face is guaranteed to be a valuable collector’s item for years to come. People will forever relate you to her and assume you have all the qualities of a strong and intelligent woman from the Star Wars universe are vibrantly abundant within you. Your sisters, friends, bestie and even your mother if she is of similar size, will be nagging you  for a chance that you may relinquish your prized womens Star Wars shirt  for a day or two and let them experience the empowering aura that any wearer of this shirt is likely to feel:)

Can you picture any girl who claims to be a true Star Wars fan excluding this fabulous item from their wardrobe? Granted, the Star Wars population is more saturated with overly indulging passionate fan ‘boys’; however, that still serves as no excuse for any girl to neglect owning a Star Wars t-shirts bearing the face of a character that is destined to go down in the annuls of sci-fi history.

What about another Star Wars T-Shirt of One Other Memorable Female Character?

Well, who else do women have to look up to from the Star Wars saga, Natalie Portman? She is beautiful and made a good effort to portray Leia’s overburdened mother in the prequels; but, in my honest opinion when it comes to owning a Star Wars t-shirt for all women to proudly enjoy, the original trilogy set the bar too high for what constitutes a REAL femme fatale and once again, still a one of a kind aspiration for any young girl to look up to. Princess Leia.

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