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Hi and welcome to our Star Wars Cats Shop where we have found and brought  together a fun selection of fun, must have Star Wars Treasures!  Star Wars has been a huge and I have to say, instrumental part of our lives from when my husband and I  were young, to our kids now. We have all embraced the newest addition, Star Wars, The Clone Wars and our sons can reel off all the stories from battles on The Planet of Geonios to loving Boba Fett. They both have a number of  have light sabers and when their friends come over to hangout, the light sabers come out to play and mighty battles rage in the  imaginary world of Star Wars. You can treat yourself, your friend and  your family to some fabulous and fun Star Wars treasures..

We Adore These Star Wars Kitchen Gadgets

Check out the awesome Star Wars Measuring Cup Set, this is Hunter & Darcy's absolute fav and gets used a lot in our kitchen. We love the way all the pieces fit back together to create R2D2 who can sit on your bench top when he is not in use.

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Star Wars Headphones

How cool is cool, when when you are wearing your awesome sounding set of Star Wars Headphones and listening to your favorite beats...
Kick back and Relax....
These are our top 7 Star Wars Headphones choices

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I Love My Princess Leia T-Shirt

I must have been all of 15 when I saw my first Star Wars movie and I fell in love with Princess Leia. She was so beautiful and full of courage. Isn't she gorgeous? I bought this Rebel Princess Leia T-Shirt because I had a trip down memory lane when I saw her. I adore the Art Deco finish combined with the Rebel, for I am still a Rebel at heart:)

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Star Wars Movie Classics

Classic Star Wars movies are just that. They are keepers to enjoy again and again with their epic and heart touching story lines and let's not forget the great lines from Master Yoda!

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

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Gotta Luv These Star Wars Gadgets To Make your Life Easier and Fun....

We love the Old Republic Mouse Matt and the 3-CPO USB Flash Drive is such fun. Every time we pull 3 -CPO out, he always gets comments...

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Does Your Man or Teen Love Star Wars?

These T-Shirts are awesome and fun. Show the world you are a Star Wars fan and be an individual. Our 15 year old wears his Boba Fett Sarlacc Bait every where, I'm sure he would wear it to bed if he could!
Check out our best fav T-Shirts...

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